About Me

Rosy Dahlstrom

I grew up in the Santa Cruz area and started riding at the age of 5. As a junior rider, I competed in dressage and hunter jumpers participating in many junior and year end championships. At a young age, I started to enjoy riding difficult/problem horses for friends and barn mates; at 14 I began starting horses under saddle and specializing in off the track Thoroughbreds, preparing them for new careers in the sport horse world.

While traveling and away at college earning a degree in Equine Studies and Business Management, I began working my English show horses out on some working cattle ranches. I found that giving them a real job outside of the arena proved to be very enhancing for the horse’s mind. I was then chosen for a Ray Hunt winter workshop in Texas. Once the workshop was over, I was asked to stay to work and live in Texas for Ray. Working for Ray I was immersed in starting colts in what most people would call the “natural horsemanship” style, but also known as what Ray would just call common sense. I was in Texas for a little over a year- and I loved every second of it.

All throughout my journey, I took in outside horses for training and slowly began teaching their owners along with their horses. This very quickly turned into teaching individual lessons. I returned to Santa Cruz in 2009 to start Pacific View Sport Horses, which has now developed into a primarily hunter/ jumper program. Pacific View Sport Horses attends local shows monthly as well as two to three rated shows per year.

Rosy shows her horse, “Jeri”, in the jumpers on the A circuit and is bringing along her young hunter “Ruben PV”.


Consultant Trainer (when Rosy is away):

Natalie Wendt of Break Through Equine

Administrative Assistant:

Jacqueline Morris


MW LLC Farriery

Chiropractic & Acupuncture:

Lauren Winfield Mahoney

Veterinary Services:

Coast Veterinary Services (ranch & routine), Steinbeck Equine (hospital), and Valcheck Equine (soundness specialist)

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