“My riding career has always been centered around anxiety and feeling excluded, which caused me to take a brief hiatus during high school. When I started my first year of college, I took up riding again and ended up buying my mare, Tesla. I’ve been with Rosy since November 2019 and I’ve had a completely different experience riding with her. Since I’ve been riding with Rosy, I’ve felt as I’ve been respected as a person and that I am a part of her “barn family”. Tesla is not the easiest horse to ride, but with the help of Rosy, we’ve been able to bring out her best qualities and nurture them. Rosy has truly made me a better rider and I couldn’t be happier that I found her.”
Jacqueline Morris

“My daughter Gracie has ridden with Rosy for three years now. Before switching to Rosy’s barn, my daughter already had prior riding experience. We started with two lessons a week on lesson horses before we decided to lease a horse from Rosy. Gracie suddenly became more interested in jumping — and Rosy helped her excel at that. It was amazing to see the growth she made in such a short period of time. We then decided it was time to buy our own pony. We worked together with Rosy to find a pony that would be a great match for Gracie. After buying our pony, Heidi, our daughter started lessoning 3 days a week in addition to some training rides from Rosy. Rosy has been amazing in regards to training Heidi and Gracie to work together. It is still so exciting to see them work and learn together. Rosy is an excellent trainer; she is someone Gracie looks up to and trusts. I have even learned so much about horses just from being out at the barn with Rosy. Rosy motivates Gracie, as well as all of her riders to do their best. Pacific View Sport Horses is a great place to be. Rosy has become a good friend to my husband and I and I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation.”

The Negro Family

“I have worked/rode at various barns in the past and have always felt like an outsider; most places never valued or appreciated me. My parents didn’t have tons of money, so I paid my way as a working student in order to help them out. Then I met Rosy and started working for her; she is the most caring person I have ever met. She is so easy to talk to and so wise, not only with horses but also in life. When I bought my mare, Lulu, she was mostly a trail horse. I didn’t do a whole lot of jumping with her because she would get hard for me to control. After a year with Rosy, I can confidently go around the ring and show. I did the .80s at my first rated show this year, and although not every round was perfect, everyone at the barn was so supportive and caring. Pacific View Sport Horses isn’t just a barn — it’s a family. “

Madison Dinatale

“Where do I begin when it comes to how great a trainer Rosy Dahlstrom is! She cares for all her clients like they are her family. I recently got back into riding after a long hiatus, and in a short amount of time I was regaining my confidence with each lesson, especially in show jumping. Rosy is straightforward and encouraging; she doesn’t push her riders too hard but definitely helps them take safe steps out of their comfort zones to grow. Riding with Rosy is something I look forward to every week, and she truly is a gem in the horse world. She matched me with the most perfect horse, Bomber, whom I love deeply. I lease him now and am so thankful for Rosy’s hand in catalyzing this bond. I am so proud to be a client of Rosy; she has done so much for me. Everyone at the barn is so kind and caring. They make you feel right at home and like you belong. I’m excited to see where the future takes me with Bomber and Rosy!”

Camille Goodale

“My family started leasing a pony from Rosy ten years ago when my kids were just toddlers. She’s taken them from leadline lessons to pony ownership (and all that comes along with it), and she continues to help them reach their ever growing equestrian goals. Rosy and her team are the most supportive, mindful, and knowledgeable people, which is more than any horse parent could hope for. I’ve seen her shape so many kids into responsible, strong humans throughout the years, and I am so lucky to have her as a mentor and teacher for my kids. Would recommend 15/10, 100% of the time!”

Hirayama Family

“I’ve been riding horses for a very long time, but the majority of that time I was plagued with severe anxiety. As soon as I started riding with Rosy, things changed. Rosy taught me how to cope with my anxiety through horses and riding them. Rosy is phenomenal with all types of horses. She turned around one of my horses, Caspian, from something that could barely go to local shows to something going to rated shows. The switch from my horse Caspian to my new horse Zoey was SO hard for me; if it wasn’t for Rosy I wouldn’t have been able to push through it. Rosy is actually the one who found my phenomenal new horse Zoey. I love the multiple ways Rosy can help, not only in my horse life but also in my personal life.”

Amanda Garza

“Rosy is a fantastic trainer.  I have recently had issues with my confidence since taking a few falls off my mare but I am happy to say that in our first month with PVSH, we were starting over small jumps again.  It may not be pretty but I am rebuilding confidence and my mare seems so happy and relaxed at the facility.  Rosy is very hands-on with her client’s horses and she takes such great care of them.  The facility is great and has so much to offer both horse and rider.  Everyone at the property is so welcoming and friendly.  I was nervous to leave behind a really supportive group of people at my last barn, especially with where my mare and I were at in our partnership, but I am so grateful that I have found PVSH and I look forward to our future there.”

Julianne Jensen-Perez

“My daughter and I took lessons together and I was consistently impressed with the professionalism of Rosy’s trainers; the tidiness of the barn, crosstie area, and arenas; and her horses are exceptional! The horses we had the privilege of riding were safe, in great shape, and very willing and responsive. I couldn’t recommend Rosy’s lesson program more!”

Kelly Rumrill

“We have had a great experience riding at White Rock with Rosy. She gives quality instruction, and maintains a safe environment for my daughter. My daughter has made great improvements in her riding and horsemanship with Rosy. She feels supported and pushed to do her best. I would highly recommend Rosy as a trainer to anyone looking to grow their riding skills. Her experience and knowledge are top notch.”

Tia Lucas

“My daughter has been taking riding lessons for over a year and has loved every minute of it. Rosy and her staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable. If you’re serious about your child learning the proper fundamentals of riding, I would highly recommend Pacific View Sport Horses.”

Rachel Smith