(owns or leases)

  • Full Training (5x a week) $780
  • Half training (3x a week) $480
  • A la carte private Rosy lesson (upon specific request only) 30 minute $85
  • A la carte private Rosy lesson (upon specific request only) 1 hour $100
  • A la carte group lessons (for non training clients, “drop in” only) $75

Riding School:

(does not own or lease, horse fee included)

  • PV1 $240
  • PV2 $460
  • PV3 $660
  • A la carte private extra lessons (Riding school only) $65

    Privates are 30 minutes.

  • Intro Lesson (Riding school only) $75

    Intro lesson is free if you sign up for any PV1, PV2, or PV3 program.

Tiny Tots (TT):

(Sundays only)

  • 30 Minutes $50

    Ages 5 and under only.

  • 1 Hour $80

    Ages 5 and under only.

  • TT1 - 1x week for 30 minutes (50x4) 200 $50
  • TT2 1x week for 60 minutes (80x4) 320 $80
  • TT3 1x week sibling share lesson for 90 minutes (90x4) 360 $90

Other Services Include

*Custom monthly care packages/care sheets can be made based on client’s needs

Half Lease with Lesson Horses

Leasing is truly the next step in your child’s riding career! Leasing gives the rider an idea of horse ownership and allows them to achieve various goals in their riding career. In addition to this, leasing strengthens the bond between horse rider, overall building your child’s confidence.  

  • $400 a month, including one lesson
  • Horse usage fee is waived for lessons ($15 per lesson), as well as shows ($50 per day)
  • Horse is guaranteed for use for lessons, as well as shows
  • Lessors may come and hack (or essentially practice/ride without instruction, no jumping allowed) their horse as long as he or she is available
  • Besides the one lesson, lessons are not included and must be added separately

Privately owned lease or off site lease

Enquire with rosy for pricing.


Horse shows are a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow. The following services are to be provided and charged accordingly to today’s market:

  • Hauling
  • Day fee (or all training and monitoring of horses per day while at the venue).
  • Equipment/medications
  • Setup and take down


All trainer’s expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Golf cart
  • Gas
  • Any other miscellaneous expenses


Grooms can be hired at either half grooming or full grooming. Prices are subject to the groom.

Half grooming includes:

  • Cleaning stalls every day
  • Cleaning waters every day
  • Blanketing and un-blanketing (if applicable)

Full grooming includes:

  • Cleaning stalls everyday
  • Cleaning waters every day
  • Blanketing and un-blanketing (if applicable)
  • Baths
  • Lunging
  • Wrapping
  • Taking out braids
  • Tacking and untacking
  • Cleaning tack
  • Bringing your horse to and from the ring
  • Cleaning/polishing boots
  • Literally everything, you just have to get yourself ready!

Horses for Sale

Contact Rosy directly at (831) 359-1459 as the list of horses is constantly changing. Rosy is an agent on many off-site horses and has a broad network. She can find you want you need.

You can also check out Rosy’s ProEquest by clicking on the button below.